Happy Observation

An innovative tool that

tracks happiness in your community.

The First Non-Self Reporting Tool

Instead of relying on self-reporting, Neighbors will observe members of their community on the basis of three facets in life;
work, social relationships, and recreation.

Data-driven & Smart

All observations and narrations are stored in a database. Don't fret, your data is just a click away in your administration panel. The data downloads as a standard Excel file, ready for you to process.

Open Source

Happy Observation is licensed under the MIT License.
Extend it, build upon it, break it. It's all yours to work with.

A reliable & valid procedure of data collection that is easy to use.

Take your mouse and point. An extremely intuitive navigation system is paired with easy to use sliders for input that allows for a high level of precision without the extensive training required by most research tools.

This makes Happy Observation perfect for laymen and experts alike. Regardless if you are still in school or are in the workforce you can (and we encourage you to) contribute. No formal training is necessary as we provide instruction to prepare you for being an observer of happiness.

For anyone, anywhere.

Happy Observation works on desktops, laptops and most tablets. There is no need to buy any special equipment. If you have one or more of the above, you are ready to begin

What are we measuring?

You will be asked to observe and report on two forms of happiness in your community. They include Eudaimonic Happiness and Hedonic Happiness. Since you will evaluate three facets of an individual's life, this tool will provide a snapshot of twelve data points for each submission. In addition to the slider values, you will have the opportunity to submit comments to provide insight on your observations.

Many raindrops make an ocean.

The data you will contribute can be organized and stored by geographical location or membership in a community or organization. Summaries of data on characteristics of the people observed (e.g. gender or age) and facet of life (e.g. worklife, social life, & recreation) can be generated.

Pique your Interest?

Initially we were going to have a collection of screenshots to see the tool. However, it is much more powerful to experience everything Happy Observation has to offer hands on.

Take it for a test drive. Email: demo@happyobservation.org Password: demo123

Interested in running a study?

Stay tuned. Download and installation instructions are coming soon!


Coming Very Soon!


Dreamt by a Psychology Professor,

Brought to life by a Geek.

Made with <3 by Brandon Kowalski & Charles Walker